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Spare parts

Give away bits & pieces

With so many projects you tend to collect complete parts cars for various modifications and/or future projects that we may be fantasizing about.  First, the old (wide track) ’81 Cherokee Chief, as you know I’ve owned for the last 30 or so years and I’m using bits to convert the J10 to RH drive.  The 360 only has around 100,000km (50,000miles) on when it was parked up but the body is pretty well stuffed.  The timing gears were changed to cast iron and a new timing chain fitted but apart from that the engine is untouched.  Ditto for the transmission, quadratrac and axle assemblies.  I also have two sets of rims with centre caps, good tailgate with glass and various interior bits and all are there for the asking…. preferably by some other jeep fanatic or club member.

Next, a ’81 CJ7 Renegade.  This is one that I bought on a whim and do intend to do a resto well down the track, but I will not be using the 258 donk.  I haven’t had it running so don’t know what it’s like, but I will be hanging on to the 4 speed transmission and transfer case for potential use on other projects.  Depending on how I repower the jeep, there may be other give away bits later.  The hardtop is good and I won’t be using it, but there a couple of small rust bubbles on the rear lift gate.

Another whim, a ’98 XJ Cherokee, bought from the damaged auctions with a light touch on the LH side grille and mudguard, thinking here for the CJ7 power plant.  Basically, all body panels or even the body shell are freebies with all good glass and electrics in the doors.

The FC150 may get a complete engine and drive train swap so there may also be an F head engine and three speed gearbox with side mount linkage selectors available later.  I’ve yet to decide how I will go about the Fuggly rebirth.

I will post some photos soon!!


Great plates

Yes, I’m addicted to Jeeps. And yes, I’m addicted to personalised plates. In some cases, the plates have arrived before the car does. And I’ll also admit that in one particular case, the plates arrived before the deal was finalised on the car. #powerofpositivethinking

Do you have personalised plates on your ride? What’s your combo?


This girl has a nice pair of plates…eh?