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Project: 1962 MGA

Here we go again!


Happened by chance to see this one on when I was surfing one day, fantasizing about anything with a “ragtop” .  Located in Cairns NQ, about 1,000km north of here, so it was a bit difficult to inspect it.  The photos and description looked honest, needing TLC, but what grabbed me after talking to the owner, is that it was virtually a one owner car apart from the first year of its life.  He wasn’t mechanically inclined and as you could imagine it would cost a motzer to bring an untouched, 50 year old car up to scratch if you had to pay for all the spanner work and wanted to get it restored.  Mechanically OK, it was mainly cosmetics that had to be done.

Next step, get her transported to Brisbane followed by a shopping list of shiney bits from Moss Motors in the US ( Our $ was decent at the time, buying around $1.10 yank).  As with all projects, hobbies, fetishes… they have to be second in line to earning a buck, so work has taken precedence for a fair while now, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I can see this one sorted after I finish Flat Fender Fergus….. Stay tuned!… which is something I will have to do, regularly, to those fiddley pair of SUs when she’s a driver.