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Project: 1942 GPW

Grandpa’s homecoming


I was a little bit excited about this delivery today! Welcomed a 1942 GPW to the Don’s Jeep Garage tribe. Ripper.

After my local mechanic came to our workshop to do the annual roadworthy inspection on one of our trucks, he spied the J10 and while having a geezer I told him that I had a cupla old Jeeps.  He said his brother had one in the process of restoration but would never get it finished because he had lost enthusiasm.  Out of interest, I went to check it out and suggested he put it on eBay with a starting price of $10K.  He then said “What would you pay for it?” Thinking it wouldn’t be accepted, I offered $???? (amount not shown to ensure I remain married).  Anyhoo, next day he comes back down to my workshop and says “You now own a Jeep”.

So… Gen’nay (pronounced with a Forest Gump accent) is now in the queue for a makeover.  Apparently all the mechs have been sorted and it’s just paint and assembly.  I don’t play golf or go fishing much, so my retirement program is filling up fast.

IMG_0077     IMG_0076