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Petrol bowsers

Petrol bowsers

Along with Jeeps, I’ve also got a soft spot for old-school petrol bowsers or ‘gas pumps’. Don’t know quite what it is about them. Maybe it’s a simple respect for these precious pieces of metal that once fuelled those other very precious pieces of (Jeep) metal that I love? I did a quick stocktake last week and – as long as we keep it between us and don’t let the missus know the extent of the addiction – I can tell you I’ve got 11 (!!) bowsers in pieces throughout Don’s Jeep Garage. They’ve all been disassembled, sand blasted and undercoated but, well, that’s about it. I’ll get to them one day. I know it.

 IMG_1321  IMG_1322  IMG_1320

Did a bit of “picking” out on highway 39 when we were out there working. Scored 3 Salesmakers from a servo that had closed down.  But unlike #americanpickers, we’ve got a crane truck, not a farty little van.


Started polishing some brass bits… (Note to self – Don’t try to polish the inside of rings that are similar diameter to the mop…. lost some blood)

IMG_1310   z7

My preference is to make the pumps shiny and new looking, not crusty like the one Jessica is perched on.