Loading at the docks









Picking up the “Fugg” from the docks, I got it firing after a jump start but he kept dying under load and I had to winch it up the ramps onto the trailer.  Customs required two goes at high pressure cleaning to pass inspection which added a week or two from when he landed and an extra couple of hundred bucks in import charges.










“Touchdown”.  Fired him up but the same problem of dying under load and trying to turn those big tyres with an undersized steering wheel made it a mission to get him into the shed.  From what the PO told me prior to purchase, I thought it would be driveable (with a few tweeks) from day one…. Wrong!


IMG_1156     IMG_1151


I knew the dashboard was out so the PO could fit a timber overlay, but I think this is looking like a total rewire job.  I hope the steering shaft has not been butchered to fit the aftermarket steering wheel, because it will certainly need the larger diameter of an original one to keep it on the road…. either that or I’ll need to beef up my biceps at the gym.

IMG_1181     IMG_1182

PO was looking for that military look with the olive drab paint and the addition of ammo boxes and tools, but I will try to get him back to civilian life with a new paint scheme when I do the restoration.  The spare wheel is normally mounted on the right hand side of the bed with the top section of the bed recessed to allow fitting of same.  I can’t see evidence of the recess, so maybe the spare was an option back in ’58.