First drive home… I took the backroads rather than the freeway for fear of ‘death-wobbles’ at speed. On every bump, the fan touched the shroud. I now realise that the 10mm rubber pads that I used to space the body off the chassis bought the shroud up closer to the bottom of the fan blades. Easy fix. I will just trim the lower section of the shroud back a bit. Speedo reads around 20mph at all speeds… could be the Punjabe Mahindra speedo that I fitted. The gear selection is tight and it didn’t schnick into second a couple of times but I think it will loosen up. There’s a small oil leak between the gearbox and bell housing – again, an easy fix. I need to empty the fuel tank, then refill it to check calibration on the fuel gauge. It was also bought from India so it could be suss as well. Solex carby was a good investment. Apart from the few problems above, he rides like a tractor, steers like a tractor and sounds like a tractor, albeit a nice shiny new tractor. He runs sooweet! I’m rapt!

So far, Fergus owes me about $18K, a couple of cc’s of blood, some Band-Aids, a handful of Panadol Osteo (from crawling under him) and a few scars on the dome from the sharp corner when the bonnet is up. But it’s all worth it. I was completely repaid for all of the above with the huge smiles and contagious girly giggles I got from the cherubs when I took them for their first spin around the block. Solid gold moment.

On the first demo spin around the block he farted a couple of times.  Fuel looked OK, 3/4 full, but some air bubbles in the filter so I thought maybe fuel pressure regulator set too high, so backed it off from 2 to one and a half and it seemed good at idle.  Next thing, check calibration on fuel gauge, so drained the tank and only about 1 litre in it with gauge reading full ??? (that would explain the farting). Pulled the sender out of the tank and found that the gauge reads backwards, ie; full when tank is empty.  Pulled the gauge to check the connections, Earth is right, “S” for sender, “B” for battery.  What the???… referred to the bible (CJ3B info page) and discovered that some military and/or earlier jeeps relied on max resistance of the sender to read full and/or vice versa.  So it seems that the Punjabe instrument set I bought is not compatible with the USA sender.  Think I might redo the gauge dial because I can’t get a USA gauge with a chrome ferrule. Bugger.

IMG_1348     IMG_1349

I stitched up a temporary “bikini” top with some light canvas that was laying around until I find the time to make a full canopy.  Looks OK, but can’t handle speed, so I will need to fit a centre bar to the windscreen and sew a pocket to take the lateral bow at the back.  I figure that if I head off somewhere topless, a full canopy/doors would be hard to stow, so a bikini might be easier to transport and offer some protection if it started to rain.

Headed down to Beenleigh to buy a bottle jack and a Police car tailed me all the way until I turned into Supercheap.  At the first set of traffic lights I noticed they were two youngish lady coppers and the passenger one was madly checking the computer screen on the dash… probably to check rego plate and to find out what sort of “jigger” she was following.  I think there will be some interesting times ahead because old Fergus is attracting a fair bit of attention in the car parks as well as driving down the road.