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Cap’n Snatch

Capn Snatch

If there’s one thing I love more than building Jeeps, it’s driving Jeeps. And the one fun thing about driving Jeeps, especially on the beach, is pulling other drivers out of sandy bogs. Because Jeeps are tough. Because Jeeps rule, OK? I love my Snatch ’em Strap and carry it on all four-wheel driving holidays because, as the Boy Scouts’ motto states, you’ve always got to “Be Prepared” – especially for a quick and unexpected snatch in the wilderness. My kids might have given me the fun nickname “Cap’n Snatch” but I take my snatches very seriously, as all respecting blokes should.

Here are a few of my most recent snatches, all on Stradbroke Island (affectionately known as ‘Straddie’), Queensland, Australia. Funnily enough, on this trip, I was frequently pulling my kids out of trouble. They’ll learn one day! Firstly, the big one and her husband buried their KJ Cherokee in the powdery back tracks. Then the small one, who drives the big Dodge Ram, got stuck further along the same track later that same trip. Jeep power!


Trust a Toyota to get into trouble. Now this was some serious snatch…


And then there was the time my daughter (in the teeny tiny topless Wrangler) famously pulled her little brother out of a little spot of bother (in his big, tough Dodge Ram). She tells people she saved his life. He’ll never live it down. Poor bugger.


I had a quick but enjoyable snatch with a pair of Yankees in a Nissan on another trip to Straddie. Had the whole family (including the kids, the grandkiddie rug rats and even the family dogs) all in the audience. Here’s the video proof in two parts – just click the links below: